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    Superheroes at play in domed cities - Ep. 3

    This time on FourCast, comic, movie, and TV writer and podcaster predict a world brimming with superheroes, domed cities and RPGs based on your trip to the grocery store.

    FourCast Episode 3


    What's your prediction?

    Do you have your own prediction for the future? We're interested to hear. Use the form on the FourCast Podcast site, post a comment to this post, or just email us at . We'll read a selection of some predictions on the show.  It could be yours!


    Water Wars - Episode 2

    For our next trick, Scott and I got of TWiT fame, and CEO Jim Louderback to square off with their visions of the future.  You may think Leo is the optimist, but you'd be wrong.  Witness the title of our episode.  It was Jim that has the rosier view of the future. Including the chance for all of us to someday become Ashton Kutcher.  Listen in folks, it's a good one. (We did have some issues keeping Jim's Skype connection going, so forgive the occasional Skype ring or beep).

    FourCast Episode 2


    Beware the Lunar Molemen - Episode 1

    Well we did it.  Scott Johnson and I have been circling around a podcast idea for awhile, and we finally have pulled it off.  Welcome to FourCast, a monthly podcast of predictions.  Every episode we'll have two guests on to go through short term, long term, and crazy predictions about what this crazy old world has in store for us.  It'sreally just an excuse for us to sit and talk with interesting smart people and share the results with you.


    We're proud to have Len Peralta of JawBone Radio and Monsters By Mail, and Veronica Belmont of and Qore as our first victims, er, guests. This episode was a blast, dealing with the end of the world, the terraforming of Mars, and of course, MoleMen. Hope you enjoy it!

    FourCast Podcast Episode 1


    Welcome to the Fourcast Podcast

    A coming venture of FrogPants Studios and SuBBrilliant Media to help you navigate the future.

    FourCast Theme Song

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